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We want to ensure that we can provide the best possible service for you and also ensure that your time with us is a positive experience.  In order to achieve that:

  • We will provide the agreed scope of works and terms of your contract in a professional and timely manner

  • We will keep all aspects of your project and your business confidential

  • You will need to provide the required information for us to begin and complete your project as soon as it is needed/requested

  • You will review our work, provide feedback and approval in a timely manner

  • You understand that if you are unable to provide information/approvals on time, your project runs the risk of being pushed out to another deadline in order for us to keep our contracts with other clients

  • You agree to our terms and conditions set out below


Marketing for Tradies is owned and managed by Emerge Creative Ltd whose details will appear on the bottom of invoices.  Emerge Creative Ltd is a NZ registered business and they are GST registered.  All invoices will include GST applicable in New Zealand.  However, invoices and payments from third parties who we use, eg Wix and Crazy Domains will not include GST as they are not NZ registered companies.


As a small business, we would appreciate prompt payment of our invoices when supplied. 

For smaller graphic design jobs and some support packages

  • We will set the payment date in the invoice.  This will generally be required within the same month of doing the work, unless otherwise arranged.

For larger graphic design projects and websites

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit on the agreed project cost is required, prior to starting the project - this will confirm your booking and secure our services.   

  • The remainder of these invoices is due on complete of the project (and in the case of websites, prior to the website going live)

  • If we have purchased domain names and hosting plans on your behalf, a separate invoice for reimbursement may also be sent.

  • Failure to pay an overdue account on a website may result in the delay of the transference of ownership.  We will retain ownership until payment in full is received.  If payment is not forthcoming, we reserve the right to unpublish and delete the website if payment has not been received after a period of 45 days.  We will also retain the domain name(s) until the 12 month period has passed after which time we will not renew the subscription and it would be available for you to repurchase should you wish to do so.

For retainer packages:

  • If you have taken up a retainer service with us (ie website maintenance, social media management) you are required to pay in advance for the coming month, as per your contract.  This is so that we can book the time in to carry out the work for you, allowing you to "retain" our services. 

  • Failure to pay these monthly invoices on time and in advance may result in us ceasing to continue to carry out the service until such a time as the invoice has been paid.

For the Monthly All Inclusive Package

  • If you have chosen the Monthly All Inclusive Package plan with monthly payment options, the first payment is due once you have signed your contract and received the initial invoice.  Thereafter you will receive an invoice at the same time of the month for the following 11 months.  

  • Monthly payments must be received in order for us to continue working on your site. 

  • Failure to make monthly payments may result in any work being cancelled or termination of our contract.  Any monies paid up until this point will be kept by Marketing for Tradies as payment of services.

  • Prior to your 12-month website plan coming to an end, we will send details of options available whereby you can continue with our services via a Website Support Package or you may choose to now manage your website yourself. 

  • Once the 12 monthly payments have been received in full, we will transfer ownership of your website to you under your own Wix account. 

  • You will be required to take over the annual  renewals for both the domain name(s) and the hosting plan for your website, as per the contract.

  • Please note that if monthly payments have not been received and/or the website has not been paid for in full, we will retain ownership of the website until full payment has been received.  Furthermore, we reserve the right to unpublish and delete the website if payment has not been received after a period of 45 days.  We will also retain the domain name(s) until the 12 month period has passed after which time we will not renew the subscription and it would be available for you to repurchase should you wish to do so.


After an initial meeting/consultation, you will be sent a contract with the scope of works and a price for your project. 

This contract will need to be reviewed, approved, signed and a copy returned to us.  You will also need to pay the 50%

non-refundable deposit as soon as possible before we can begin your project, unless otherwise arranged or unless you have chosen the Monthly All Inclusive Package plan.

Along the way we will send you drafts of the website to review.  On final approval of the website, the remaining balance of the project cost will be required (unless otherwise arranged/discussed).  Once the full payment has been received, we can arrange for the site to go live and the ownership of the site transferred to you.

Invoices will be provided at every process.

Once the project fee is paid in full, any elements of text, graphics, photos, contents, trademarks or other artwork furnished to Marketing for Tradies (T/A Emerge Creative Ltd) for inclusion in the website, are owned by you, the Client.

Website Maintenance Retainer Package

If you decide to proceed with the Website Maintenance Retainer package, this will be invoiced separately and monthly (in advance of the coming month), after the website has gone live. 

You can cancel your Website Maintenance Retainer package at any time after an initial 2-month commitment, however, by signing up to the contract, we both agree to give each other one month’s notice before the retainer package will be cancelled.


If you change your mind along the way and cancel your project prior to completion, we may charge you for the time we have spent on the build to date and normal payment conditions will apply.  


  • If you change the scope of works along the way, a revised quote may be provided and an invoice submitted for the additional work.

  • If you need to change the deadline or need to delay your project with us, we may issue an interim invoice to cover the time we have spent on your project to date, unless otherwise arranged.


By signing a contract with Marketing for Tradies (T/A Emerge Creative Ltd), you agree to:

(a)  allow us to place a discreet text link in the footer of your website to link to our own website;​

(b)  add your website to our portfolio as examples of our work on our website;​

(c)  allow us to do posts on our social media pages, displaying your site/work and adding a link to your website.

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